From the back cover:

Being a ninja mom means you love your family, and you are able to raise your kids the way God intended them to be. You are a ninja mom. I am a ninja mom. Together we ARE a powerful force! Join the ninja mom movement.

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“Anna Aquino does a masterful job at humorously revealing the reality of day-to-day life and the application of the simple solution to our sometimes angst ridden lives in her new book Confessions of a Ninja Mom. We as mothers are not alone. To know that I am not alone has been a great comfort. I am a Ninja Mom!” ~Pastor Brandi Squires, Freedom Life Church, Kissimmee, FL


Confessions of a Ninja Mom is more than confessions. It provides principles and tools to strengthen women to become everything God has called them to be. Anna Aquino is transparent with her own experiences which makes this devotional unique. You will laugh and cry as you relate with her story. Women will be challenged to draw closer to God and submit to His ways. Like Rachel, God has made Anna ready and He will make you ready too! Are you willing?” ~Pastor Lisa Bush, The Gathering Place, Marion, Ohio

“Anna Aquino reminds me that I am called where I am today. I am to be the best me wherever I am. You can trust her advice and wisdom. She is rock-solid. She has lived it and has walked through the fire. Get ready to board the Ninja Mom train. You will never be the same!” ~Megan McKee, M.A.

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